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List of Service Types

Hollinger Diagnostics expertly services the following list of equipment.

Instrument Types Manufacturer Models
Hematology Analyzers Abbott - 3-part Diff CD1400, CD1600, CD1700, CD1800, Emerald
Abbott - 5-part Diff CD3000CS, CD3000SL, CD3200CS, CD3200SL, CD3500CS, CD3500SL, CD3700CS, CD3700SL, Ruby, Sapphire
ABX Horiba Pentra 60 and Pentra 80, Micros 60 Series
CDS/Boule Medonic CA620, M Series
Beckman Coulter - 3-part Diff AcT Diff, AcT Diff 2, J Series, T Series, MD Series
Beckman Coulter - 5-part Diff AcT Diff 5, LH500, LH750, MaxM, HMX, GEN S, STKS, STKR
Diatron 3-Part Diff Abacus 3
Diatron 5-Part Diff Abacus 5
Mindray - 3-part Diff BC2800 Series, BC3200 Series
Sysmex - 3-part Diff KX21 Series, K1000 Series
Sysmex - 5-part Diff XE1800, XE2100, XT1800, XT2100, XS1800, XS2100 (Future)
Chemistry Analyzers Beckman Coulter CX-3 Delta, CX-5, CX-5CE, CX-5 Pro, CX-5 Delta, CX-7, CX-7CE, CX-9 Pro
Corning Express Plus/550
Diatron Pictus 400, Pictus 700
Siemens Dade Dimension AR, ACA-4, Xpand, Xpand Plus, RXL Series, RXL Max
Medica Easy RA
Alpha Wasserman Ace, Alera
Roche All Mira Series - Mira Classic, Mira L, Mira Plus, Mira Plus CC
Coagulation Analyzers IL-Instrumentation Laboratory All ACL Series - ACL 100, 200, 300, ACL 1000, 2000, 3000, 7000, ACL Elite, ACL Advanced
Sysmex CA540, CA560, CA1500
MLA 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1400, 1600
Electrolyte Analyzers AVL/Roche All Electrolyte Analyzers
Beckman Coulter All CX Series
Corning Express Plus/550
Siemens Dade Dimension AR, ACA-4, Xpand, Xpand Plus, RXL Series, RXL Max
Medica Easy RA, Easy Stat, Easy Lyte, Easy Electrolytes
Alpha Wasserman Ace, Alera
Roche Mira Electrolyte Modules
Blood Gas Analyzers Siemens/Bayer/Cyron 340/800 Series
Medica Easy Blood Gas
Immunoassay Analyzers Beckman Coulter Access, AccessII
Siemens Dade Xpand, Xpand Plus, RXL, RXL Max w/Hm
Tosoh AIA360
Histology Tissue Tek Tissue Processors